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Mundus Transfiguratus

Towards a Queer Mythological Ecology 


This interdisciplinary project (2022 – present) depicts an alternative living mythological world where queer transmogrified non-human beings take centre stage and challenge the established perception of human supremacy. The installations and performances that form part of this project emerge as an experimental participatory psychodrama with a narrative exploring conflict, displacement and trauma, but also celebrating hope and love, and overcoming adversity.

Part 1. The Journeys of Cliza

Cliza @ Villa Borghese

Cliza, a warrior and a descendant of Turiacus, roams through the Villa Borghese at night, seeking other warriors to form her own House.

The Occupation

Having founded their own House, Cliza and their warriors occupy the library at the British School at Rome. 


Preparation for Battle

In preparation for battle, Cliza and their retinue set up an itinerant court in the subterranean bowels of Cosmo Trastevere, in Rome.

The Banquet

At the battle of Transterrum, Oretta, a descendant of Triton and the head of the House with their namesake, defeats the House of Cliza. To celebrate their victory, Oretta hosts a banquet in Rome. The heads of other houses from neighbouring lands attend the celebrations. But Cliza, who was presumed dead, storms the event with their warriors and murders Oretta and the other dignitaries.

After the Banquet, the Oracle visits Oretta and prophesises their death with a poem:


You are a flower

You are a red flower

You are a red flower full of love

You are a red flower in a lake of blood


You are no longer

You are no longer here

You are no longer now

You are no longer tomorrow


There is flower

There is lake

There is love

There is blood

But there is no longer you


Karlota's Journey

After murdering Oretta and the other dignitaries, Cliza sets off to lay claim to the lands of those they slaughtered and travels first to the lands of Karlota, a descendant of Odin and head of the House of Karlota. However, Karlota survived the attack and speedily returns to their queerdom. Who will prevail?

Part 2. The Queerdom of Brightwyna


Behold the Warriors* of the Queerdom of Brightwyna

Over several centuries, Brightwyna has built an eclectic collection of votive figurines. Unbeknown to Brightwyna, amongst their votive collection there are four figurines, which are believed to have been destroyed long ago, that have special powers. They were created by an unknown ancient sorcerer with the help of Arawn and gifted to the four ruling Houses: Cliza, Oretta, Karlota, and Brightwyna. The statues give their owner the power to shape-shift into any being they desire, changing their own appearance in the process to that of the temporary appearance of their owner. But once their owners return to their original appearance, the figurine’s own appearance returns to that of their original rightful owners. These statues came into Brightwyna’s possession when an antique dealer sold Brightwyna a solid marble cube engraved with the stamp of Composita, the goddess of composting. Upon arrival at Brightwyna’s house, the cube spontaneously disintegrated itself revealing the four statues.

*Recent research funded by the House of Karlota and conducted by the Institute for the Study of Ancient Artefacts (ISAA) has revealed that Brightwyna's figurines, which were previously thought to represent deities, are offerings honouring fallen warriors.

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