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The Banquet


At the battle of Transterrum, Oretta, a descendant of Triton and the head of the House with their namesake, defeats the House of Cliza. To celebrate their victory, Oretta hosts a banquet in Rome. The heads of other houses from neighbouring lands attend the celebrations. But Cliza, who was presumed dead, storms the event with their warriors and murders Oretta and the other dignitaries.

After the Banquet, the Oracle visits Oretta and prophesises their death with a poem:


You are a flower

You are a red flower

You are a red flower full of love

You are a red flower in a lake of blood


You are no longer

You are no longer here

You are no longer now

You are no longer tomorrow


There is flower

There is lake

There is love

There is blood

But there is no longer you


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