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In my interdisciplinary practice, I create multi-layered narratives of otherness, intersecting identity, history, mythology, nature, psychology, and place. I have an interest in the politics of memory and how certain stories get to be told and remembered whilst others are suppressed and forgotten. I am particularly interested in deconstructing prevailing heteronormative and binary interpretations of gender, and exploring trans-species relations.

I create site-responsive immersive installations and performances, employing a range of media such as ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, sound, text, and video.


In my phenomenological practice-based research, I always respond to place. This stems partly from having been a migrant as a young queer adult escaping homophobia, which, with time and a stronger sense of safety, turned me into an explorer – full of wanderlust. As an artist, this way of being draws me to places that stir me to explore and create work grounded on the temporal, physical, psychological, and emotional states that I experience whilst inhabiting those places.

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