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The House of Brigthwyna

Brightwyna is a descendant of the god Cernunnos, and the sole survivor of the House of Brightwyna. Brightwyna is a Queer psychopomp – they walk between the worlds and escort newly deceased queer souls to the afterlife. Brightywna loves daffodils, collects votive figurines, and is the proud owner of the first editions of all of Mary Butts’ books. Mary and Brightwyna were close friends and it is said that Brightwyna inspired Mary to become an ardent nature conservationist. Brightwyna is extremely photophobic, so you will never see them in daylight. Their favourite colour is purple. Brightwyna fell in love once, when they escorted the trobairitz Comtessa Beatriz de Dia on her journey to the underworld. Upon setting her eyes on Beatriz, Brightwyna’s heart leapt with such joy that they delayed Beatriz’s entry into the underworld for as long as they could by asking Beatriz to sing endless Occitan love songs.



Behold the Deities of the House of Brightwyna

Over several centuries, Brightwyna has built an eclectic collection of votive figurines. Unbeknown to Brightwyna, amongst their votive collection there are four figurines, which are believed to have been destroyed long ago, that have special powers. They were created by an unknown ancient sorcerer with the help of Arawn and gifted to the four ruling Houses: Cliza, Oretta, Karlota, and Brightwyna. The statues give their owner the power to shape-shift into any being they desire, changing their own appearance in the process to that of the temporary appearance of their owner. But once their owners return to their original appearance, the figurine’s own appearance returns to that of their original rightful owners. These statues came into Brightwyna’s possession when an antique dealer sold Brightwyna a solid marble cube engraved with the stamp of Composita, the goddess of composting. Upon arrival at Brightwyna’s house, the cube spontaneously disintegrated itself revealing the four statues.

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