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As part of the creative process images emerge in the mind. Some we capture, others escape. Those that we depict are then in retrospective post-creation rationalisations organised into a coherent narrative. We want to make sense of what we create. Consciously we decide that some pieces become more central to the core concept of our investigation. Others become offshoots that whilst still being closely connected to the main concept, they exist as an individuated gesture.

fig art is diabolical.jpg

Art is Diabolical: 7.7, mixed-media on paper , 84 x 118cm, 2020

This piece is my take on how art can be violent in different forms, from art practice to art discourses and critique. 7.7 is a reference to the 7.7 billion people on earth – which is a diabolical number of people. 

fig human reef 2.jpg
fig human reef 3.jpg
fig human reef 4.jpg

Human Reef, glazed porcelain, various sizes, 2020.

In this piece the small porcelain sculptures represent how humans mistreat both their environment (which can be seen in the destruction of coral reefs) and each other - the contorted shapes and the glazed effects representing human bodies. So here I imagined reefs made of human remains, as an attempt to induce the viewer to visualise what that would be like. 

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