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Fag Attacks the Country

Social distancing in the depths of Dorset’s countryside I started thinking about how as a non-binary ‘foreign’ person I fit into the landscape of this county with its specific social topography. I am surrounded by traditional and conservative cultural markers so I started reflecting on the symbolic power that those around me hold. The series ‘Fag Attacks the Country’ is a gesture of subversive resistance, where I hijacked the pastoral genre and invaded its conservative landscape. In these paintings I juxtaposed suggestive post-gendered self-portraits onto rural scenes that carry a certain symbolic power or even violence. I want the viewer’s eyes to dart between the incongruent elements of the composition and for the viewer to be left with an unresolved interpretation and experience a sense of the uncanny. 


Fag Attacks the Country IV, acrylic on paper, 150 x 135cm, 2020.


Fag Attacks the Country V, acrylic on paper, 150 x 132cm, 2020.

Fag Attacks The Country VI.jpg

Fag Attacks the Country VI, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 125cm, 2020.

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